Rich Benjamin & Associates – Digital Strategists

We hope that y0u enjoy your experience viewing our products services and Marketing Philosophy. The entire team at Rich Benjamin & Associates have extensive experience as Digital Strategists. Each one of us has a specific discipline that we excel at, each member of the team has served at, or spent considerable time working in a specific field of tourism. Our main three areas of expertise are Attractions, Lodging & Dining, from these three aspects of tourism we have combine our knowledge base to share the following with clients. Marketing Solutions – Corporate Branding – Search Engine Optimization – Media Coordination – Website Development – Social Media Management – ROI.

We believe in educating our clients, no one is held in the dark. We want you to become literate in the ways of internet marketing. As technology evolves it is crucial that ownership and management become our partners in the growth of your business. I can tell you one thing, any business owner or manage in the tourism industry who says they do not need to learn about the internet will be a relic in the not too distant future. The internet is not the only source of marketing, it is a part of a larger puzzle. The most vital aspect of internet marketing is that it is scalable to any business – rapidly implemented and TRACKABLE! Understanding internet marketing by implementing sound digital strategies will place most small businesses quantum leaps ahead of their competition.

Let us help you take the leap